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Caleb Elrod


I'm a speaker, motivator, and growth coach. These are gifts God gave me, and I want to use them to help others. 


There was a time I found myself not living in the purpose to which God had called me. I struggled to understand my spiritual gifts and how to integrate them into my everyday life for His glory. I even noticed moments I neglected to walk through doors He had opened for me. 


Unfortunately, not only was this my story, but it was also the story of many others I've encountered over the years. Finally, I had enough and decided to start moving in God's direction. I knocked the 100-pound bricks of concrete off of my feet and took strides to live the life God had called me. 


I entered a journey of personal growth and development. That led me to research and studying God's purpose, spiritual gifts and ultimately answering big questions such as, "why do we do the things we do?" and "How do we live in the plan and design God has created us for?"  I began investing in my spiritual growth and relationship with Christ. This passion led me to attend conferences, take online personal development training, coaching, and mental health, and become certified as a Grip-Birkman Certified Coach, John Maxwell Team Coach, and Prepare-Enrich Facilitator. These things all worked together to change my heart, but it also opened my eyes to the impact God can have by using me to help others grow. 


Through this process and listening to Godly wisdom from influential people in my life, a new door has opened—a door to GTS Life. My mission has become to fully live in my giftings and serve you, your church, organization, or group. My mission is to help people choose to be extraordinary, let go of complacency, and live the life God has called us all to live. I want to help your church, group, or organization grow in their gifts, thrive in their purpose, and serve those around them. 


I love helping and serving people, and for me, that starts at home. I've been married to my wife, Genevieve, for 17 years. We have two boys whom we homeschool, a cuddly yellow Lab named Cosmo, and two fish. I graduated from York Christian College. I've been a small business owner and worked for a professional football team for many years. Most weeks, you will find me enjoying time outdoors, watching Atlanta Braves baseball, reading, spending time with friends and family in the Dallas metroplex area. I love serving at our church, speaking and helping other churches, and encouraging missionaries and Christians abroad, whom I look forward to visiting yearly. 

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