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“This year-long program is designed to train, equip, and mobilize your church body to work as One, all for the glory of God and the growth of His Kingdom.”


Christians all over the globe are trying to figure out how to be part of Christ's body, and how to serve him in their daily lives. The problem is, many Christians have no idea what their spiritual gifts are, and if they do they often don't know how to use them to God's glory.


GTS Life is dedicated to helping churches find the giftedness of individual members, then guide the leadership towards putting people to work with these gifts.

spiritual gifts assessment

Members will take a Spiritual Gifts
Assessment one month prior to the workshop. This assessment will be used to prepare a workshop specifically for your church body.

spiritual gifts workshop

A two-day Spiritual Gifts Workshop for members to discover and understand their giftings, as well as the giftings of fellow church members, so they can walk away with a better sense of how to effectively serve their family, church, and community deeper.

coaching & mentoring

Caleb will work side-by-side with a select group of church members for the following 11 months to help your leadership mobilize the church family to use its gifts to best serve the Kingdom.

Our Spiritual Gifts Workshop will help you understand your gifting and how to best use it for the Kingdom.  We focus on helping people understand the uniqueness of each spiritual gift, discover their personal fit, and learn how to use those giftings in ministry.

A glimpse of the weekend workshop


Every church can use guidance on bringing all of the pieces together to better serve God's plan. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

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